Thursday, July 21, 2011

Solfolk for Tribal Hippie

I wanted to make a card for Ernest yesterday and that 'hello' card was the result. I'll make prints. The Solfolk still surprise me, but I don't imagine that I'll be getting sick of drawing them any time soon.

Friday, July 15, 2011


My son proposed last night at the Harry Potter premier. Alicia said yes. They are so adorable. Glowing. Super cute! I have to get glow pictures of them when they get back here from the store. =D

Over 40 items listed on TribalHippie. Mostly necklaces. Have to get some bracelets, earrings and barefoot sandals up. Tonight though, I think I'll list some zines and denim journals...

Joseph makes such good beadmen. I've always wanted to make some bead dolls myself - like from wire rather than string. I made my first one the other day...

...He insists that his name is Hector.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Waking FreeWrite

Recently, I've started freewriting as soon as I wake up - right from in bed. This is what it was, today.

I'm not sure that I'm even here
My mind isn't contained in this brain
My thoughts are non-sequential ... they dance through my awareness and I bounce from one area to another to see the flow strung together...
This seems very different than how other people [think?] around here
Perhaps I am also focusing on this dimension from another place ... That seems true. I am somewhere else focusing part of my attention upon this dream and I sense -in part determined, in part reluctant
...It is so very hard to be here; it is so very lonely even for one who enjoys solitude...
I am aware of my celestial brethren around me . supporting me . loving me . guiding me . I want to do my part well
I am doing my task well
Superbly, in fact
To these others, not so, perhaps
The one who knows and supports is here...

[Taken from my hand-written journal]


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mass Denial Is Understandable

Until just about a year ago, I used to be quite arrogant and contemptuous of people who were in denial about things -important matters- that were right in their faces. I was humbled then to discover that I too, am capable of this. In exploring my shock that I could be self-duped to such a degree, I realized at some point, that denial is a reflex; it protects one, in some capacity or another, from information that is too overwhelming for them to cope with. I understand this now. But this reflex, this survival instinct, is one of the mechanisms that the evil powers in this world use against us. The truth of our existence, in relation to their designs, is at a critical point where that instinct does us more harm than good, and we each have to make a critical decision to increase our courage and ability to take in the world around us as it is - and not as the powers of this world have led us to believe.