Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mass Denial Is Understandable

Until just about a year ago, I used to be quite arrogant and contemptuous of people who were in denial about things -important matters- that were right in their faces. I was humbled then to discover that I too, am capable of this. In exploring my shock that I could be self-duped to such a degree, I realized at some point, that denial is a reflex; it protects one, in some capacity or another, from information that is too overwhelming for them to cope with. I understand this now. But this reflex, this survival instinct, is one of the mechanisms that the evil powers in this world use against us. The truth of our existence, in relation to their designs, is at a critical point where that instinct does us more harm than good, and we each have to make a critical decision to increase our courage and ability to take in the world around us as it is - and not as the powers of this world have led us to believe.

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