Monday, July 4, 2011

Waking FreeWrite

Recently, I've started freewriting as soon as I wake up - right from in bed. This is what it was, today.

I'm not sure that I'm even here
My mind isn't contained in this brain
My thoughts are non-sequential ... they dance through my awareness and I bounce from one area to another to see the flow strung together...
This seems very different than how other people [think?] around here
Perhaps I am also focusing on this dimension from another place ... That seems true. I am somewhere else focusing part of my attention upon this dream and I sense -in part determined, in part reluctant
...It is so very hard to be here; it is so very lonely even for one who enjoys solitude...
I am aware of my celestial brethren around me . supporting me . loving me . guiding me . I want to do my part well
I am doing my task well
Superbly, in fact
To these others, not so, perhaps
The one who knows and supports is here...

[Taken from my hand-written journal]

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